To The Women Who...

August 19, 2020

 To the women who:

- are so overwhelmed
- can’t sleep at night bc everything feels so scary, heavy & sad
- are doing school at home and worry if they made the right choice
- sent kids to school and worry if they made the right choice
- are in the trenches of postpartum life during a pandemic
- are about to give birth and scared
- are still walking with infertility, dealing with cancelled treatments, miscarriages and white knuckling hope to bring their baby to earth
- are feeling an extra sting of loneliness & disappointment during quarantine
- are worried about paying bills
- can’t handle more than 2 minutes on FB without wanting to throw their phone in a fire
- hold their kids close, wondering how to protect them from this insane world
- are fighting for justice and equality for all
- lost loved ones this year
- have hearts begging the world for more compassion, understanding and respect

I think about you everyday. I could list so much more. I know you - every one of these describes someone I know or have felt myself.

You probably feel like you’re going to break. 2020 has been extra hard on us. I don’t sleep anymore. I haven’t been able to get out of this cloud of depression & anxiety for months. My brain hasn’t felt functional. I’m heartbroken watching the hatred and chaos and worry how to protect Ollie while still creating joy & happiness in this phase.

But here’s the thing.

YOU are keeping us together. You are! We are holding our lives, marriages and families together. You are trying to keep everyone happy & safe & sane, while also trying to survive yourself.

I believe we live on earth at this time for a reason. Because WE ARE STRONG. We are resilient. Women have been keeping the world afloat for thousands of years and it’s going to take strong warrior women to get us through this part of history.

We are those women. 💪🏻

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