Olive // 10 Months

August 23, 2020

Over here feeling whiplash because this has been the fastest month yet! Ollie is always on the move now - crawling all over the place and gets mad when we don’t let her crawl to the stairs 😜. She is so close to walking and we’ll be in big trouble as soon as she figures that out!

Ollie got a 3rd tooth this month - upper on the side, so she’s looking like a snuggle tooth vampire these days 🤣 She loves dancing (well...bouncing to music 🤣) clapping, jabbering, and getting into stuff she can’t have! She eats everything and gets hulk-level angry if she sees food and you don’t share.

Ollie is full of more opinions with every passing month! Lots of happy screams but lots of frustration when she doesn’t get what she wants 🤪 She’s just a girl who knows what she wants and will do whatever it takes to get it - a quality I hope she has as an adult!

We are staring down the barrel of her 1st birthday and I’m feeling a little more emotional everyday. I’m excited to throw a big blow out for her birthday/Halloween, but really sad our baby days are behind us. It’s a less cuddly phase but infinitely more fun!

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