Olive // 9 Months

July 27, 2020


🎉 Baby Ollie just turned 9 months old! We just got back from her checkup tonight & I was so eager to see how much she has grown!

While her height/weight is still fairly average and still in 3-6m clothes, her head is literally OFF the growth charts. They had to measure it 3 times just to make sure it was actually that big!

Every month is more & more fun as she learns more and her personality emerges. She loves talking, clapping, drumming her hands, standing and should be cruising soon! It’s impossible for her to sit still and is always flipping herself around and climbing on things.

She finally got her first two teeth this month (and thankfully wasn’t too crabby about it 🙏🏻). She is still a great eater and willing to eat anything! Ollie is kicking butt at swim lessons and loves the water. It was so fun to see her visit with our families a few weeks ago and we can’t wait for her to see them again and make more memories.

As soon as she starts walking, we are in trouble! I need to start baby proofing the house now before Ollie takes us by surprise. I miss her being a little baby, but excited for all the fun as we approach her 1st birthday and toddlerhood!

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