Let God Replant You

July 20, 2020

A couple summers ago (this week actually!), life threw me a major curveball. It was 100% out of nowhere, completely unjust, and threw my world upside down. I felt broken, like a failure, and saw my future disappear within seconds. Zach & I were just reflecting on this experience and how applicable this prompting was to another hurdle we are facing this year.

When it happened, I felt like a plant whose pot had been smashed.

Just a few minutes later, the prompting came:

“Let God replant you.”

We love our pots and don’t want to leave! It’s comfortable here and we like the other plants around us. Most of the time in life, we don’t want to leave our comfort zones or deviate from the plans we’ve made for the future. It’s too scary!!

Then, either through inspiration, the actions of others, or opportunities put in our way, we are moved out of our pots. Sometimes it’s a loving & anticipated transplant...other times it’s a forceful smash against the ground. But it’s ok!!

🌿 No matter the reason, God (or the universe if that’s your jam☺️) can replant you where you will flourish.
🌿 Leaving your comfort zone can bring great growth & progress, even if it’s unexpected.
🌿 God can create a masterpiece of your life from the mess of mortality.
🌿 If you’ve grown too big for your pot, EMBRACE IT and the new opportunities to stretch your roots to grow stronger.

While I was so sad & confused during this time, imagining God tenderly picking me up off the ground and replanting me in the perfect spot brought me great comfort.

Now a couple years later, I see I was definitely replanted in a bigger garden - I experienced more growth and ended up in the perfect situation in order to bring Ollie into our family. It was messy and painful (& unjust), but God definitely made the mess into a masterpiece. ❤️

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