March 25, 2020

Finally home 🏡😊

In between a pandemic, earthquake, real estate agent mistakes, postponed closings and a 5 month old...we somehow managed to buy a house & move in! We hadn’t planned to buy right now, but sometimes you get put into situations and have to roll with it. Even though the timing wasn’t ideal or our choice, we feel endlessly grateful we were able to buy a single family home in the crazy Salt Lake housing market in the exact development Zach has been dreaming about for the last couple years. And instead of being right on the street, the house faces the cutest pocket park - no need for a big front yard when we can go out there and play everyday! Now I just need Ollie to get a little bigger! 

We really miss our old place because it holds so many special moments there (finding out I was pregnant, bringing Ollie home, etc), but we are so happy to have a dishwasher, functioning wifi, a normal temperature (used to be 55 degrees inside during winter 🥶), no stomping above us (it’s a lot easier for Ollie to sleep now 🙏🏻)...and no strange old men coming into my apartment while I’m pumping 😱.

We can’t wait for the quarantine to end so we can have lots of visitors, but are grateful that we have a comfortable place to spend all day indoors! I’m thinking a 3 story nerf war is in our near future 😜😜😜

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