Olive // 5 Months

March 23, 2020

In the midst of all the pandemic and new house craziness, baby Olive is now 5 months old! 🥳 She was a total ham when we snapped these - talking, blowing bubbles and making funny faces. I hope you laugh at them as much as I did - we could use some comedy these days! (Do you spot the one that looks like David from Schitt’s Creek?)

Ollie is still a rockstar sleeper - she seemed to skip the 4 month sleep regression completely and still sleeps 10-12 hours a night without waking. I’m guessing she is almost 16 lbs and is still in between sizes - she’s wearing a 0-3m onesie in these pictures. She’s talking more and more but it sounds like a cross between a frog, a cat and a dragon. 🤣


She looks more and more like a big kid every day, and we’re excited for this next phase of development. She loves to grab anything in her sight and wants to eat any food we have. Not yet though! We are excited to start Baby Led Weaning soon and see how she reacts to trying different foods. I know I’m sure excited to not need to pump as often!

She is the bright spot of my days, especially now when things seem out of control. I feel so unqualified to be her mom, but so grateful heaven intervened to send her to us. Thank you for always supporting our journey to this point and loving on this sweet baby! ❤️

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