Olive // 3 Months

January 23, 2020

🎉Happy 3 months to baby Olive!🎉

3 months is such a milestone - the 4th trimester is over, newborn life is gone, and we’ve got a chunky baby full of personality! 
Ollie is still sleeping 9-11 hours every night! Not sure how we got so lucky but I’m just waiting for that 4 month sleep regression to hit hard 😬. She is still in 0-3m clothes and her eyes are getting lighter & bluer, which makes me happy to no end.

She is so full of personality and we’ve developed lots of fun games together that make her smile & giggle. She loves being awake and upright - she doesn’t want to miss any action! I think we have a very social extrovert on our hands.

That being said, we HAVE entered the stranger fear developmental stage. She pretty much only wants to be held by me and will cry if I’m out of sight.🙃

She has discovered her hands and her gross motor skills are coming along so fast! I love seeing her reach & grab things with intention. She loves talking and makes the cutest noises trying to communicate with us (and her toys 😜).

We are feeling whiplash with how quickly the last 3 months have gone by. I see why everyone says the 1st year is so magical bc so much happens in a short amount of time! I am excited to see the little girl she grows into, but not ready to let go of this baby just yet ❤️

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