2020 Vision

January 02, 2020

(The 1 picture that made the cut for our holiday card bc Ollie wasn’t crying in it 🙃🙃🙃)

We’ve been road tripping back to Utah the last 2 days - I’m sad our holiday break is officially over but PUMPED to reset for the new year.

My favorite thing about the long drive from Oregon to Utah every January is being able to game plan the new year with Zach. Long stretches of uninterrupted time allow us to internally reflect and then talk honestly about our highs & lows of the previous year, pain points, hopes for the new year and ideas of how to make it all happen! We go over all the big areas of our life: marriage, parenting, finances/saving, spiritual, career, health and travel/fun.” - some areas have a few items, others have long lists.

We abandoned traditional “resolutions” years ago - trying to be perfect and hit some checklist everyday/week/month wasn’t working for my mental health. Instead, we choose a word or intention for the year, with most of our hopes and plans pointing us in that direction.

In 2019 the word was VIBRANT, all about movement and progression (2018 felt very beige!). While we hoped for a baby, we knew it wasn’t realistic...but then Ollie showed up and totally made 2019 a vibrant year!

In 2020 I want to focus on DISCOMFORT. That sounds bad, but I mean casting off the self-created shackles & habits that are comfy, but limit progression. Ex - lots of screen time, oversleeping, ignoring opportunities that seems scary or out of reach, not attending social functions bc of anxiety, etc. I want to be more fearless & confident this year - at work, as a wife, as a mom, online. I want to be as present as possible with Ollie, not scrolling or binging. I want to reach out to new friends, unafraid of judgement & rejection.

So cheers to a new year, new hopes, and seeing what's waiting outside our comfort zone!

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