I hope you always see what a miracle you are.

January 12, 2020

Baby girl,

I hope everytime you look in the mirror you smile like this at yourself.
I hope you don’t poke & prod & nitpick what you see.
I hope you always see what a miracle you are.

At church today they talked about good/bad examples and my thoughts turned to you. Because I wasn’t a great example for years before you were born. I poked & prodded myself. I starved myself. I took diet pills that wrecked havoc on my body. Loathing my body, wishing I looked totally different...consumed my thoughts. None of my accomplishments had any meaning bc I still didn’t look the way I wanted.

I want a different life for you. I want you to walk through life fearlessly & boldly. I am working everyday to cast off my bad thinking patterns and develop my own self love & acceptance, so I can set the best example for you.

So instead of deleting this picture bc of my double chin, round torso, giant forearms and claw hand, I am keeping it so I can tell you someday about the fun time we had making faces in the mirror at church*

So here’s to a lifetime of mirror selfies together. Never stop smiling ❤️❤️❤️

*after we had to run out of the chapel bc you screamed while your dad was blessing sacrament 😜

(That picture of Ollie sticking her tongue out at herself 🥰🥰🥰 Happy Sunday friends!)

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