October 24, 2019

✨ Ollie Mae ✨

Olive Mae Jones
October 23rd, 1:24am
8lbs 14oz, 21 in

Olive & Ollie both have deep family roots for us. Ollie is my maternal great-grandmother’s name - when I first learned about her from my grandmother, I felt a deep connection to her and have had Ollie at the top of my baby name list for about 15 years. Olive is Zach’s maternal great-grandmother’s name too - what are the chances of that name coming through the exact same relationship line for both of us? Olive is her legal first name and we will use it interchangeably with Ollie during her life (along with probably 70 other nicknames 😜).


We love that we’ve been able to honor incredible women from our families, the two who mothered & raised our own grandmothers into the women who have impacted our own lives so deeply.

We also loved the symbol of the olive used in scripture, mythology & literature. A dove came to Noah after the floods with a freshly picked olive leaf, symbolizing impending peace. Similarly, Ollie here showed up right when we felt like we were experiencing major floods in our life - infertility, recovering from a major car crash, depression, anxiety, etc. Her miraculous pregnancy was a sign of impending peace for us.


It took me up until the last minute to finally commit (it’s a big decision!!), but I think we’ve known her name in our hearts for a few months. I think I was also afraid of people judging our choice too. We had other options in case we felt differently once we met her, but nothing else really came close to ringing true to our souls.

(Birth story to come soon!)

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