35 Weeks

September 19, 2019

☀️ Annnnnnd that’s a wrap on my summer! I do marketing & development for a music venue, which basically just means my spring & summer is crazy busy promoting & attending concerts. And tonight is our very last concert of the season!

This summer was extra special though - this was the 1st year I ran all of the marketing for the venue, from creating the strategy to social media to tracking sales to running around the concerts snapping pictures & video annnnd everything in between!

PLUS I got to bring the baby along with me every step of the way! I had just found out I was pregnant when we finalized the concert series in February and wondered how I’d be looking & feeling when our last concert rolled around at 8 months pregnant! I wasn’t sure how mobile I’d be, but I’m still running around feeling great!

Now that our concert season is over (and fall starts in a couple days), the reality of birth is hitting hard! Can’t believe this girl is coming in just a few weeks now.

Also can we talk about how huge this bump is??? I’m either giving birth to triplets or a toddler! 😱

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