Goodbye Summer, Hello Baby

September 10, 2019

Dear baby girl 💕

You have made this my favorite summer of my life. Which is a tall order because summer has always been my favorite season - I could live in the sunshine at the beach everyday of my life. But this summer? I got to bring you along for the 1st time on all these adventures! I got to bring you to the beach for the 1st time (and daydreamed about coming back to play with you in the sand FOR REAL next year, hoping you love it as much as I do).

Your dad & I felt your first movements this summer - which quickly became my favorite daily pastime to feel you grow and kick and roll. We found out you were a girl! We went to San Diego and took a couple trips to Oregon to visit your grandmas, aunts & uncle - who are all so excited to meet you. Your dad & I spent a LOT of time debating your name (we still have no idea btw!).

But today felt like fall, which made me sad but excited. Sad because my usual favorite season is over and I have to say goodbye to the sun & beach trips and hello to rain & cold. I don’t deal well once the days are so short and DREAD the time change in November.

But today made me so EXCITED because that means we are closer to meeting you. It literally feels like the season of this pregnancy is changing as the season of the earth changes too. I daydream what the weather will be like when you come earthside - will it be rainy & cold, mild & sunny, or some weird early snow? Will the leaves be orange & red, or all gone by then?

We love you so much already and can’t wait to meet you next month. Hopefully we’ll have a name for you by then 😜😜😜

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