Let's Stop Trying to Be Normal

April 29, 2018

Happy Sunday friends! Here's a quick thought I shared over on Instagram tonight and wanted to post up here:

God doesn’t want you to be “normal.” He has no interest in us blending in with the crowd or spending our lives wishing we were like someone else. God gave each of us talents and weaknesses unique to us - there is no one else just like us that has EVER lived on the earth!

I’ve spent too much of my life wishing I was different or feeling like I was broken or didn’t fit in. ESPECIALLY after I joined the church (#realtalk). I felt like I was too fat or too outspoken or too ambitious or to be a woman in the LDS church. But those things I hated about myself for not being “normal” are actually really freaking awesome and have allowed me to help other people. God gave me all of these characteristics and talents and had no intention for me to bury them to be “normal.”

When we get to the next life, God isn’t going to ask us how we did fitting in or being like so-and-so. He WILL care how we did being US, how we celebrated & used our differences to make a difference in the world.

Long story short, don’t blend in! Don’t compare yourself to anyone else! You are different & unique & divine and NEEDED in this world at this time.❤️

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