A little Easter Week Gratitude

April 01, 2018

I shared a few thoughts this week about Easter over on Instagram and wanted to expound a little more over here. 

Every year, I'm reminded of the special relationship that Easter highlights - how terrible terrible Fridays hit us over and over in life, but Sunday always comes.

Mortality is messy. Everyone has a Friday. No matter how obedient you are, how consecrated your life is: you will have a Friday. More than one, in fact. You all probably are well aware of this. I’ve had more Fridays than I care to count, and I know there are more to come.

But just as 2000 years ago, the doom of our Fridays will not endure. Sunday always comes. Sometimes those Sunday moments come soon after our dark Fridays. Sometimes we have to wait years for Sunday to arrive. Sometimes it seems like the sun is rising for everyone around us, while we still wait, broken and seemingly alone. But it is my testimony is that Sunday always comes.✨

I gave this talk for Easter about how my Fridays (depression/anxiety/suicide) have been continually overcome by maintaining hope in the promise of Sunday. You can find the whole talk here. :)

My heart is so full this Easter day. We attended the solemn assembly for President Nelson in person yesterday during General Conference and I will forever cherish that special opportunity and the tender spiritual impressions I felt. I wept like a babe the entire time. As I’ve been feeling weary in the church recently, I have been re-energized by all of the events of this weekend. Many of these changes are things I’ve pondered & prayed about for years, so I am feeling especially grateful for living prophets and an evolving church. It usually doesn’t change as quickly as we want it to, but I’m glad for any baby steps in the right direction.

Above all else, my heart is full of gratitude for Him who makes this all possible. Him whom we celebrate & honor this Easter Day. Without Jesus, without His sacrifice, without His resurrection, none of this would exist. We would have no way back to our Heavenly Parents, no way to grow & learn from our mistakes, no progression at all. Without Jesus Christ, there would be no eternal families or principle of compensation. Frankly, without Jesus Christ, there would be no reason to exist here at all. So beyond all the changes and news today, I am grateful that Christ has made it all possible. He is risen!✨❤️

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