Fighting the Jealousy Hulk

May 16, 2018

Sharing some major weakness tonight up on Instagram:

Jealousy has been raging in my heart over the last few weeks. My perfectionism & competitive nature had taken over and I’ve been very depressed and hopeless (and to be honest, a little angry). I’ve watched as so many amazing things have happened to friends - pregnancy, buying a house, launching a successful blog, traveling Europe, etc etc and I sat here yelling at God because it wasn’t happening to ME (freaking selfish, right? 🤦🏻‍♀️). I was jealous and competitive that these big events were happening seemingly faster for everyone else while Zach & I have been toiling away and making no progress.

When I was young and would get jealous of other kids (usually my sister tbh), my mom would always reply “Who cares? You are not her and she is not you.” It was a broken record and it would just annoy me as a kid (sorry mom!). But today, those words came back to my heart so clear & strong with greater understanding.

You are not her. Your lives are different and you make different choices. Just because something good happens for her, doesn’t mean anything bad about you! No one expects you to be like anyone else or “keep up” or reach the finish line first.

Most importantly, she is not YOU.
There is no one like you on earth and you have your own path. You have your own unique set of skills and God has a specific purpose just for YOU. When you’re jealous of others, you are blind to what makes YOU great and what others admire about you. You diminish your worth and potential, which are limitless & eternal.

We don’t have to be perfect. We don’t have to reach the finish line first. YOU ARE ENOUGH just as you are, this very minute.❤️

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