5 Princples To Snowy Driving That Actually Help Us Overcome Trials

February 26, 2018

While driving the snowy & slick roads to work this week, it hit me that the same principles apply to how we can overcome trials successfully. I posted this up on Instagram and thought it was good to post up here too!

1. Progress at a steady even pace, don’t stop suddenly or hit the gas: during trials, we can’t eat the elephant in one bite. We just take it a little day by day. If we try to rush, we get overwhelmed or burned out.

2. Don’t overcorrect: In the snow I never jerk my wheel is any direction - I just go with the flow. If I slide one direction, I let off the gas and ride it out, I don’t force my wheel in the other direction and risk spinning out. Sometimes trials will take us off the beaten path for a bit and trying to force life in the other direction never works out. Just ride it out and slow down for a bit. You’ll get back on track eventually.

3. Be mindful: I focus intensely on how my car feels, if I’m getting traction, etc. During trials, we have to take care of ourselves! How are we feeling? Do you need a break? Need more self care? Take moments during the day to meditate/pray/journal/check in with yourself!

4. Take a break!!! If a snowy or icy road is too dangerous, I pull over and wait a bit! There is no shame in waiting and being safer overall! In trials, take a break if it becomes overwhelming. Ask for help from others! There is no timeline for overcoming obstacles and no gold ribbon for “being ok” in record time.

5. Pray: ok, maybe this doesn’t apply to everyone, but personally, I pray to be safe on the roads and during trials. So whether it’s prayers or good thoughts or whatever, I think there’s some benefit to keeping our mind right and sending whatever we can out into the universe to help us.

We can’t control the weather and we can’t control when life hits us with a obstacle. The only thing we can control is how we react and how we end up on the other side. No matter the hardship or trial, we don’t have to let it destroy us. 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

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