Don't Put Your Life on Layaway

February 23, 2018

Does any of this sound familiar:
“I’ll finally be happy when...”
“I’ll go on that trip after I...”
“I’ll reconnect with my friends once...”

We so often put our lives on layaway waiting and wishing for an arbitrary & limiting requirement to come true. We waste years of our lives on hold, when we could be out in the world NOW, exploring, making memories and having JOY!

Zach & I could EASILY have a long list of these arbitrary requirements: lose weight, graduate, get a better job, have children, etc etc. We don’t make reckless decisions (like spending money we don’t have), but we have worked REALLY HARD so these other factors don’t keep us from being happy and creating a joyful day-to-day life. We aren’t in perfect shape? That’s ok, we can still go explore & hike! We can’t buy a house yet? That’s ok, we can be happy in an apartment until it happens!

It’s all about relishing & appreciating the journey along the way instead of waiting until the end. You can appreciate the hard hike and be happy long before you make it to the top of the mountain! Life can be hard, but we make it a LOT harder on ourselves with this kind of thinking.

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