If You Can't Believe It, You Can't Become It

March 11, 2018

Just some quick thoughts from attending X4 this week:

“Where we put our attention determines the quality of our life”

Got to learn from QUEEN Arianna Huffington and was blown away by her insights into living a more purposeful & happy life (like the quote above). In today’s rat race, we feel like we have to be “always on” to be successful and often distract ourselves with things that frankly don’t matter. Our happiness and quality of life is determined by what we give power to. I feel really strongly about having a purposeful life full of great memories and this morning’s session rang SO TRUE in my heart of hearts.

So HECK YES to a better work/life balance, focusing on what truly matters, creating memories, and saying no so we can say YES to what makes our hearts soar! ❤️❤️❤️
Also, a friendly reminder (esp if you’re like me and “defeatist” is your middle name): live life as if everything is in your favor. Visualize your success early on, because if you can’t believe it, then you can’t become it!✨

“Hopeful” has never been a characteristic I could really relate to. I count myself out before I even have a chance to begin. I’m trying to be better about limiting & false self beliefs, choosing optimism, and visualizing the future I want right now.

This week I’m going to focus on spending a few minutes each morning to set my intentions for the day and repeating optimistic mantras to change my thought patterns.

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