Olive // 8 Months

June 23, 2020

Over here 😭😭😭 today because baby Olive is 8 big months old! Sorry if these monthly posts are annoying by now but I can’t get enough of seeing how much she changes! 

She is the CEO of crinkly-nose smiles and queen of sass. She is determined and opinionated. She says “mama” but refuses to say “dada” (we really tried to get her to say it by Father’s Day!). Her hair is starting to grow back and it looks like Einstein in a windstorm most days🤪

Ollie would rather be standing up than anything else - she loves pulling herself up and is taking little steps 😱. She plays little games with her dad & aunt Chelsea and her laugh is our favorite sound!

Still no teeth! She’s not picky & will eat anything you give her. She can feed herself a bottle & solid food on her own - I love watching her little fingers grasp things. It’s hard to not be needed as much and see her be so independent (luckily she hasn’t mastered the spoon so I can still tap in there!)

We are so excited to have our families visit soon for 4th of July and finally have Ollie’s baby blessing together. I’m in denial that in a month she will be out of tummy longer than she was in it!

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