Olive // 7 Months

May 25, 2020

🎉Baby Olive hit the 7 month mark this weekend!🎉 Every month passes faster than the last and it’s hard to remember her as a tiny newborn. 

Ollie is talking more and more - my favorite sound is hearing her little voice. She especially loves talking to herself when she first wakes up.🥰 She is getting better and better with her pincer grasp and feeding herself. She isn’t a picky eater at all, even completely unphased by lemons!

She is discovering her toys and especially loves her stuffed puppy right now (swipe to see 😍). It has been so fun to watch her little developments and see things click in her head. She definitely has opinions about how she wants things and doesn’t hesitate to tell you. I hope she doesn’t lose that spirit when she’s older!

She is still in 3-6 month clothes, but her cute legs have definitely gotten chunkier since we started solid foods! She has some cute summer outfits that are just a little too big still so I’m hoping we get a little growth spurt to the next size soon!

We have so many fun things coming up soon - swim lessons, summer activities, her baby blessing (finally!) and seeing our families. I have been looking forward to our first summer together and am so excited for all of the fun memories our little family will make this year!

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