Olive // 4 Months

February 24, 2020

πŸŽ‰The smiliest girl turned 4 months old yesterday!πŸŽ‰ We were so eager to see her measurements today bc it’s felt like 7 years since the last appt:
She’s pretty much stayed in the same percentiles since her first appt - her head has always been at the top of the percentiles & big relative to her body. Pretty sure most of her weight is in that noggin too since 0-3m clothes still fit her torso!

This has been the fastest month by far! Olive loves talking now and it’s the cutest soundtrack to our life - her coos and vowels melt my heart. She is still super social and wants to be up & involved in every activity & meeting. Everyone seems to comment on how alert she is and how closely she pays attention to everything around her.

Ollie still loves chewing on her hands and now loves her feet. Putting her feet in her mouth is apparently the funniest thing in the world to her 🀣 She is so expressive and will flash her trademark cheeser grin at anyone who gives her some attention.

On a mom note - this means I’ve been exclusively pumping for 4 months! After the first few days, i was so overwhelmed and didn’t think I’d make it long, so this is a big personal milestone for me! I don’t know how much longer I will be able to do this, but I’m still so proud of making it this far - I look at those cute thigh rolls and feel like the sacrifice & discomfort of pumping has been worth it!

Now we brace ourselves as the next month passes in hyper speed. Fingers crossed we’ll be able to take the 5 month pictures in our NEW HOUSE 🀞🏻🀩

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