New Motherhood // Connection

November 21, 2019

Chores have never been better with a view like this 😍

I snapped this when Ollie was 2 weeks old. I had just put her in a wrap so I could wash some bottles & pump parts before her next feeding - I expected her to fall asleep but she was wide awake and kept lifting her head up.

I looked down to see what was up and found her just staring at me, without blinking. It’s like I could see her little neurons firing connecting my face to my voice. It’s like her brain was realizing that the voice she’d heard in the womb was connected to what she was seeing in front of her. Time stood still watching her stare me as I talked to her - definitely one of those core memories I’ll carry with me forever. I’m so glad I had my phone within reach to snap this before it ended - we don’t have fancy newborn photos, but we do have this!

There is so much about newborn life & first time motherhood that is hard & scary & weird. But then it’s like heaven sends down these beautiful little moments where the chaos stops, the darkness clears, and your soul is re-energized to tackle another day. ❤️

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