Your Blooming Season

May 09, 2019

A little thought from Instagram tonight:

🌸We don’t all bloom at the same time.🌸

Have you ever felt light years behind everyone else? Look around and see all the weddings, babies, new houses, graduations, job promotions....feeling so far behind, wondering what’s wrong with you or when it’ll be your time?? I feel this constantly.

Flowers bloom at different times. Fruit is in season at different times. There’s value & beauty in all seasons - from the flowers in the spring to the falling leaves in autumn to the needed precipitation of the winter.

You are right where you need to be. You are blooming in your own time. You are going through a necessary & valuable season, whether it’s full of joy or trial or a mixture of both. Just 5 months ago I felt confused & overwhelmed after a major car wreck & demoralizing medical results, not able to see how that phase was preparing me for today.

I don’t know why some people marry at 18 while others pray for a spouse for decades. I don’t know why I’m pregnant right now while so many of my friends are still fighting & praying to get their babies here. But I DO believe that God doesn’t have a 2nd rate life in store for us - our Heavenly Parents only want what’s best for us. And for whatever reason, that means we all have our own timelines and trials.

So if you feel like the sun won’t rise for you, don’t lose hope. Don’t feel rushed by anyone else’s life or expectations. The sun will rise.☀️

You’ve bloomed before and you will bloom again. And it’ll be incredible.✨

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