April 29, 2019

The doctors said it wasn’t possible.
And God said “I have a plan.”

They said conceiving naturally would be like “winning the lottery with a ticket you don’t have.” At a minimum, we’d need surgery & medication to even get in the ballpark of biological children. Then we’d discuss IVF/ICSI. And even then, there were no guarantees of success.

And God said “I have a plan.”

We faced the reality that we may never have biological children and started looking into adoption, feeling even more overwhelmed and worried no one would ever choose us.
But we decided that whatever happened, children or not, we’d have a happy & fulfilling life.

We taught lessons on Zacharias & Elizabeth in January, finding hope (& humor) in the similarities of their story. We didn’t know God was preparing a Zacharias & Elizabeth miracle for Zach & Elyse just a few weeks later.

✨Miracle Baby Jones✨
Coming earthside October 2019

It’s been 2 months since we found out and it still doesn’t feel real. We’re shocked, overjoyed, speechless, and scared...sometimes all at the same time! Zach has been the best partner, taking care of me & all the chores while I’ve been sick & exhausted.

The doctors are stumped how this happened. Without any medical intervention, a miraculous life is growing. We are shocked & overjoyed but we have no doubt about how this happened.

God doesn’t know the meaning of impossible. They bless Their children in Their own time and Their own way. We don’t know why Heaven intervened to bring this spirit to earth at this time, but we are eager to find out when we meet in October. #babyjones ❤️👶🏼

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