To Our Future Kids, Love Dad

January 07, 2019

Hey Kids!

It’s your dad. Well at least I will be. Your mom and I are very excited to meet you and we hope you hurry up! Three times already, we thought one of you was coming, but you must’ve got cold feet, or you saw my embarrassing car with the duct taped mirror and changed your mind, but whatever, it’s cool. I’m sure eventually we’ll convince you to come. I mean, we are pretty awesome! Anyway... before you get here, there are a few things that I need you to know and so I’m going to write letters to you, before you’re born and after you’re born so that you can always remember the important stuff. So...

First: We’ve already been to the happiest place on earth (Disneyland) twice without you and you’re just going to have to get over that. #sorrynotsorry

Second: Donuts & McDonald’s are gifts from God and, no matter what people say, everyone loves McDonald’s, so don’t be ashamed of the love you will have for their french fries.

Third: Your mom is perfect, but I’m not, so don’t resent me, I’ll be doing the best I can.

Fourth: Life kinda sucks sometimes. Like, a lot. But it’s OK, because life is also beautiful and magical! We have waterfalls, and mountains, and deserts, and rivers, and trees, and so many beautiful things to see. We get to laugh and smile. We get to eat delicious food (donuts & fries) and listen to beautiful music.

It’s crazy, all this really cool stuff was already here and we get to make even more awesome things. Just wait until you paint something for the first time (preferably on a piece of paper), and you’ll look down and see this masterpiece of colors and shapes and you’ll think, “wow, I made that.” Sometimes you’ll have to do things that seem boring, like cleaning your room, but that same feeling of “wow, look what I did” will hit you. You’ll probably deny that until you’re like 30, but it will be there and you’ll see that your hard work and creativity contributes to the beauty that already exists in the world. 

Maybe it won’t be painting, maybe it won’t even be “creative” but no matter what you contribute it will be yours and it will make the world even more beautiful than it already was. You will change someone's life because you contributed something to the world, and then they’ll help another person and then that person and the next person until what you thought was a small, insignificant contribution completely changes the world.

Fifth: I love you more than you can even imagine. Whenever people ask me what my dream job is I tell them I just want to be a dad. Something inside me tells me that having your mom and you guys in my life will make me happier than any other “job” I could ever have.

So, lets recap.

Lesson 1: Hurry up so you can join the fun.

Lesson 2: Donuts and Fries are delicious.

Lesson 3: LOVE US!!!

Lesson 4: Life can suck, but you can change that.

Lesson 5: I LOVE YOU!!!


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1 thoughts

  1. As always, this man of few words knocked it out of the park when he opened his heart. Love you guys. You're going to be great parents.