Infertility + Sunday School = Lots of Emotions

January 20, 2019

We* had to teach Sunday School today and MAN it hit close to home for me. A lot about Elizabeth & Zacharias, who were unable to have children for most of their life. I had to process a lot of emotions about our current infertility experience. I’m scared we will never have children at all, as our flickers of hope get snuffed out one by one with every new test result. Also, can we talk about how close the names Elizabeth & Zacharias are to Elyse & Zach?!

Miraculously Elizabeth conceived in her old age and gave birth to John the Baptist. The seemingly impossible happened to fulfill God’s purposes. And that’s how we are choosing to look at our situation - while it seems VERY unlikely we will have biological children right now, we have faith that “with God, nothing shall be impossible” and that His blessings come in His own time. Not that it won’t be hard or painful or frustrating to wait, but choosing to believe that whatever happens will be the best for us in the end.

No matter what you’re going through, God has not forgotten you. They see you and love you perfectly. Heaven is in our corner, rooting for us and blessing us the entire way.❤️

(*Zach just got called to teach youth Sunday School! Poor kid had to give a talk AND teach today! I’m stoked for him but bummed to lose my star student 😜)

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