Some thoughts on freedom

July 01, 2018

Some thoughts going into the 4th of July:

“The freedom which we enjoy did not originate with the founding fathers...this glorious principle, this great boon of freedom and respect for the dignity of man, came as a gift from the Creator.” - Ezra Taft Benson✨

While the world seems more extreme & confused everyday, I use Christ as my yardstick - what would He chose? What would our Heavenly Parents want for all of their children? How can we better respect the dignity of all men, to honor this great gift of the Creator?

I am grateful for Him who set apart this land to be a place of liberty for all. For Jesus Christ - who set the supreme example of loving others, regardless of background, race, economics, religion, choices, etc.

This week, while I celebrate this great country and the freedoms I have been blessed by, I’m celebrating the Creator who made this all possible for us, and how I can better emulate Him in helping God’s children.❤️

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