Transforming Broken to Spectacular

July 09, 2018

A quick thought from Instagram tonight:

No matter the mess, the trial, the obstacle, the broken heart - God can make it into something beautiful. He can take the broken situations of our lives and create something far more spectacular in our future.

I had to teach Sunday School today - about David & Bathsheba. It is a tough subject - talking about consent, assault, justice, choices, etc - especially since many don’t truly understand the trials Bathsheba went through. She had no agency, was assaulted by the king, pregnant by him, the king then kills her husband, and her baby died shortly after birth. Can’t a sister catch a break?! She could’ve easily withered away in victimhood, but NEVERTHELESS SHE PERSISTED, and gave birth to the next king, became Queen Mother of Israel, and through HER lineage Jesus Christ was born. I love her! 💪🏻👑

Sometimes life throws these huge curveballs at us or others inflict pain upon us, often without our choice in the matter. I’ve gone through periods where I let it bog me down and refused to believe that God has a brighter future in store for me. Looking back, I see now that the disappointments, sorrows & pain of yesterday have prepared me for the incredible present & future I have before me. It’s really hard to see that sometimes, especially when you’re slogging through hardship.

But God has our backs! He loves us and wants to give us all He has. I hope none of us have to experience even a portion of what Bathsheba did, but regardless of the trial, the sun will rise again and God will forge the pieces back together.❤️

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