SLC Eats: Lone Star Taqueria

May 05, 2017

Since we're living in a new state, we have been on the prowl for good food in Salt Lake City, especially Mexican. We've committed to spending at least one night a week on a "date" (although isn't every night "date night" when you're married without kids or major obligations??), and that we would spend our "dates" trying out new restaurants in Salt Lake City instead of ending up at the same 3-5 places (my love for In-N-Out is strong you guys).

It's Cinco de Mayo today, so obviously we were hankering for some Mexican and we wanted GOOD Mexican food. I'd heard from zillions of friends & local food blogs about Lone Star Taqueria. It's also been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, so it had to be good, right?!

Zach took one look at their photos on Instagram/Yelp and agreed immediately. I knew it would be extra busy tonight (Cinco de Mayo, Friday night, one of the most popular Mexican places...), so we met up right after work to hopefully beat the dinner rush. 

There was no beating the dinner rush tonight. By the time we arrived, the place was packed, loud, and almost nowhere to park. They have a pretty small parking lot & a drive through, so I personally recommend parking nearby and walking, especially if the weather is good! 

Zach's fave Mexican dish is carne asada, so we ordered a bunch of the carne asada tacos and carne asada quesadilla (for my love of cheese). Avocados are my one true love since birth, so trying out the guacamole was a must as well. They have a little salsa bar as well, so I heaped on all the fresh pico de gallo I could carry back to the table.

The tacos were massive! We were expecting just a little bit of beef in some small tortillas, but these tortillas couldn't hold all the fillings in! I was STUFFED after just two of them. The cilantro & onions were fresh & delicious. We especially loved them after adding in some pico & guac.

The order of guac was huge as well. I was expecting a little tiny plastic bowl for $3, but this large bowl easily could've served 4-5 people. We took most of it home and now it's happily living in my fridge to chow down on tomorrow. The chips are fresh and a little thicker than traditional "restaurant" chips. They seemed close to a pita chip in thickness. I loved them because they were extremely crunchy & held up to the weight of the guac and salsa without breaking & making a mess!

Honorable mentions: Zach got beans & rice with his tacos and we felt like "why waste the space in your stomach? Give me more tacos!" so we probably won't get the beans & rice again. The tacos are so cheap ($2.85), that you have no reason to fill up on those! The quesadilla was OK - wasn't cheesy enough for my liking, but Zach really liked it, so take that for what it's worth. We definitely ordered a TON of food, so be prepared to bring home leftovers, or stuff yourself to the brim!

We've been searching for great Mexican and have found a few good places, but they're all a good 20-30 minutes from our house. This is the first place we've found closer to our house AND it's on my way home from work, so I'm sure there will be quite a few after work stops to pick up dinner.

(Also: The fish tacos are supposed to be amazing, so we're already planning a trip back to try more stuff from their menu. I'll have to post an update when we do!)

I'm currently stuffed to the max, but I don't regret a single bite! Highly highly recommend!

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2 thoughts

  1. YUM! Now I want Mexican food stat! We'll have to try this place this month - thanks for the tips :)

  2. I absolutely love Mexican food and could live off of tacos and guac! The guac in your photos look so fresh and delicious. Was it as good as it looked?? It definitely looks homemade too!