Moab, Part 2 // I Don't Care If I'm An Ugly Hiker

March 24, 2017

(In case you missed here, day 1 & Arches here)

Our last day in Moab. We woke up, still on an emotional high from Arches the previous day, and set out for Canyonlands! If you've never been, Canyonlands National Park is MASSIVE and impossible to see all 4 "districts" in one day. We debated between visiting Island in the Sky or Needles and ended up selecting Island in the Sky since it was closer to our hotel and we could spend more time there on our final day. 

The weather was far improved from the previous day. Still cold & windy, but no rain! We didn't go on any significantly long hikes, but spent a lot of time exploring the different vistas around the park. 

Island in the Sky is aptly named - you have to drive for 20 miles until you're 6000 ft above sea level. It is almost literally an island in the sky. 

First stop had to be Mesa Arch. Super easy little jaunt to get there. If you get all the way up to the arch, you kind of swallow you stomach a bit looking at how far you could fall. Made the Delicate Arch height look like a stepstool. 

As we drove through the park, we stopped at the Orange Cliffs and Grand Viewpoint overlooks.

Our favorite hike was Upheaval Dome. Upheaval Dome is pretty cool (if you're a nerd like me). Most scientists believe a large meteorite hit about 60 million years ago, totally deforming all of the rock layers. The hike was incredible as you ascend even higher and get fantastic views of the surrounding area.

On our way out, we stopped by Shafer Canyon and were blown away. Pictures don't do this justice.

We had such an incredible weekend exploring Moab, but there was one annoying thing that kept us from having the most fun: ME. I was concerned for DAYS before the trip about what to wear & how I would look. I wanted to look cute, but stressed that all pictures would look terrible because of my size and frankly, I'm not a "cute" hiker - mine is more of a sweaty & disheveled aesthetic ;)

I packed 38295 more clothes than I needed and stressed out each morning about what to wear that wouldn't make me look so fat and instead look effortlessly "outdoorsy" and whatnot. I worried during the hikes about how I must've looked to other hikers and hating myself along the way. And once I got to the top of the Upheaval Dome hike, I was reminded that the purpose of my body is as an instrument to interact with the world, NOT for how it looks to other people or myself! I felt an immense gratitude for my body & health that let me explore the world and see the beauty at the top of the vista.

Don't forget what your body is here for! You have cellulite, who cares? Your body isn't the size you want? That shouldn't keep you away from anything! Get out there, enjoy life! We don't owe our looks or "beauty" to anyone - it is not the rent we pay to take up space on the earth.

Arches reminded me to challenge my self-perception and not let labels like "difficult" keep me from trying and jumping. In Canyonlands, I learned my looks are not the purpose of my physical body. When I set out to visit a National Park, I didn't anticipate having so much introspection, but I am grateful for the lessons I've been learning (and relearning haha).

(Plus, I got my first annual National Parks pass, can't wait to use it this year!)

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8 thoughts

  1. Really nice writeup. Zeal to wander matters, rest all is secondary.

  2. Wow, what a inspiring post! I love the message, and not to mention-- great pictures!!

  3. First off, there is absolutely nothing wrong with your size. The pictures you took are so stunning and capture the aesthetic so well. Now I want to go hiking in Canyonlands!

    1. Aw well thank you! And yes, Canyonlands is pretty incredible - it's an often overlooked National Park, but has some vistas that are better than the Grand Canyon!

  4. Wow!! Amazing views. Indeed, breathtaking. This makes me want to try hiking. 😆

    1. Thank you! Definitely start hiking - you can start on easy trails and still find gorgeous places. My husband and I usually just stick to the easier paths and are still able to discover some incredible views.

  5. Wow!! Amazing views. Indeed, breathtaking. This makes me want to try hiking. 😆