The 2 Piece Self Love Milestone

September 27, 2018

I didn’t want to post this and I’m scared to show my body like this but man THIS👏🏻WAS👏🏻A👏🏻BIG👏🏻DEAL you guys.

I know everyone is getting ready for fall, but it took me all summer to finally get in a swimsuit. I bought this suit in freaking JULY and it sat there while I worked on the courage to put it on in public. AND THAT FINALLY HAPPENED AND I FEEL SO GOOD ABOUT THAT.💪🏻

I haven’t worn a two-piece since I was 5. I spent most of my life believing my body was unacceptable to be seen. So to put this on in public was a HUGE milestone for me.

The funny thing is, even after this happened, I didn’t want to show anyone. Zach snapped a few pictures and I hated them and I’ve been staring at them for the last 2 weeks debating about whether or not to share them. There was a pull inside me to post it, but everything else inside me was too scared to show you this view of my body. Isn’t self love funny - its never either 0% or 100%, but somewhere in between.

But you know what? This is my body and this is what it looks like right now. I have no apologies for it anymore. It is not better or worse than any other body. It’s mine and I’m so grateful to have it! We have to stop listening to dumb “rules” about what is/isn’t acceptable about our bodies.

✨You are more than a body.
✨You have infinite worth.
✨You can wear whatever you want.
✨You are acceptable & lovable & ENOUGH just as you are right now.

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