Farewell to Oregon: The Last Coast Trip

August 14, 2015

Last weekend we ventured up the Oregon coast for a big YSA beach activity. We love the coast and wanted to go one last time before moving, so this was a perfect excuse. Except--we get there and it's raining! We stopped in this candy shop and the owner says "Yeah, we haven't had rain for 4 months until today! The summer has been so pleasant!" We were so thrilled:

"Go to the coast," they said. "It'll be fun."
Then we heard the barking. I jumped for joy and knew magical sea creatures were nearby. I was amazed when we turned the corner of the dock and found these guys! Some sleeping, others fighting, some just chilling and posing like they were undersea beauty queens. It smelled TERRIBLE and was incredibly loud, but we had fun laughing at their antics.

seals. oregon coast. newport, oregon

After we adventured around the Newport bayfront, playing in toy shops and buying delicious chocolate, we drove up the coast a bit to meet everyone for the activity. We spent the rest of the evening roasting hot dogs, chowing down on s'mores and Starburst, trying to escape the deathly campfire smoke and generally being dorks on the beach. 

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