Eastward to Utah

August 27, 2015

After saying many goodbyes to so many important people and places, I spent my last day in Oregon packing everything I could possibly need (and would fit) into the back of my car. I only needed to furnish my bedroom, and didn't think spending $800+ on a moving truck/trailer was worth the cost for just moving some of my bedroom furniture. I only really needed a bed, a bedside table, a desk and chair. Why spend hundreds of dollars and effort lugging them 900 miles, when I could buy new things for a fraction of that cost and effort (holla IKEA & Target!) I also didn't really NEED a real bed, so I'm electing to sleep on an air mattress for the next few months. It's free, light, and can be easily stuffed under a sear in my car. Perfect! 

Once I was finished packing everything into boxes, Zach and I went for a celebratory milkshake trip. Shoutout to those half-priced shakes at Sonic! We always just order a large shake and split it (super cheap impromptu date!). I'm moving to Utah MUCH earlier than Zach, and we are going to be apart for 17 days. This trip to Sonic was also the last little time we'd have together for the next 17 days. We've never been apart for so long, so we were trying to soak up as much time as we could.

I had just bought a selfie stick (no shame), so we took it for a test drive on our last night together. (I look super glam in these no-makeup, gross-from-moving selfies hahaha)

Last night sadness :(

So we drink our shake, thinking all is well at 10pm. Shouldn't take us too long to pack up the car, we might even have time to watch an episode of The Office before I'd have to go to sleep. SILLY KIDS.

While packing the car, we realize that everything isn't going to fit. But, I prepared for this! I had looked up car-top carrier bags online and knew that Walmart had some for cars without racks. It's now after 11pm, perfect--Walmart is always open! Here's how the rest of the night transpires:

11:28 pm: Pulled over by police because a headlight is out. Pretty sure he's just looking for excuses to pull over potential drunk drivers or people hiding drugs. Get out of ticket (mental note to replace light ASAP in Utah)
11:42 pm: Arrive at Walmart, find that they DON'T carry car-top bags for cars without racks. 
11:50 pm: Wander around Walmart trying to find a solution. WHERE ARE THE CAR RACKS?!
12:15 am: Lightbulb! I decide to substitute bungee cords for a rack. Zach and I begin scheming this hobo-hookup.
12:30 am: In the Walmart parking lot, attempting to rig this bag to my car with a various assortment of bungee cords, stuffing the bag with my clothes and items to test the weight. My car looks like it belongs to the Beverly Hillbillies.
12:45 am: Success! We drive home. Nothing falls off! Too tired to keep packing, resume at 6 am.

Sleep for what feels like a minute.

6 am: Wake up! Pack the car! 
6:45 am: Walk through the house, saying goodbye, sobbing. Have a minor meltdown in my room, refuse to get off my bed.
7:15 am: Say goodbye to Zach. More sobbing.
7:30 am: We're off (sloth and all!). Farewell Oregon!
I am so grateful my mom wanted to come to Utah with me. She made the drive SO much more fun and less lonely. It made leaving Oregon easier--if I had to say goodbye to her that morning too, it would've been torture to drive away. She made the move and first 4 days so much easier than had I been alone.

Our very first stop once we got to Utah was planned for weeks: In-n-Out. We had In-n-Out all the time when we lived in California and Mom has been without it for four years. She was SO excited when we walked in. She actually ran across the restaurant to get the food when they called our number hahaha.

Happily reunited with her burger, fries, and vanilla shake.

We had such a wonderful time playing in Utah while she was here. I had two job interviews and had to move into my apartment, but the rest of the 4 days was spent having fun. Delicious food, catching up with Dartmouth friends, IKEA (Mom's fave), Temple Square, City Creek, Outlets, more In-n-Out haha.
Red Iguana, Salt Lake City Utah
Red Iguana
Slab Pizza, Provo Utah
Slab Pizza

I dropped her off at the airport first thing Monday morning and it was so sad to see her leave. I went back to my car and cried for awhile. We'd had so much fun in Utah, it just felt like a vacation. I would be going back to Oregon too, right? Nope. I was left there by myself. 

After YEARS of dreaming about moving from Oregon and getting on with my life, I finally made it. But I was still sad, nervous, and questioned if I'd made a huge wrong decision. Time will tell. It's been hard, but these first 5 days made the move so much easier.

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4 thoughts

  1. I wouldn't have missed the opportunity to join you on this journey, (even without In-n-Out). I know that it all seems daunting and very overwhelming at times but just remember that you have done many harder things during your lifetime. I love you so much and please don't ever forget that. 9 tally marks!

  2. Elyse - you are on the right track and I admire your courage! Take deep breaths, walk in Peace and Enjoy your Journey! You're never alone!! God Bless you, Sweet Lady!!

    1. Thank you! I really appreciate your kind words. I hope this school year starts off well!