Little Acts Cause Big Ripples

August 27, 2018

A little post from Instagram last night:

There is great power within you. You have NO idea the impact you have on others.✨

Last week I was feeling pretty stressed/down about a variety of big life changes & challenges. I told Zach multiple times on Friday “I don’t think I can handle anything else.” I just wanted to go home and bury myself in blankets & endless tacos. 🛌🌮🛌🌮🛌

Instead I forced myself outside my comfort zone and went to a fun event. I met such wonderful & phenomenal people - just their simple words of kindness and friendship did wonders to pulling me out of my funk. I left the event on Friday re-energized to do life again and try to pass along the kindness they extended to me.

It sounds so simple really - be kind to others. Be friends with others. But sometimes it’s so hard for us! We get competitive or in our own heads or scared and withdraw. But in reality, just a kind word or being real & vulnerable, etc can have a such a positive impact! And likely, you may never see the true power of your words & actions, as they usually ripple across someone’s life long after you’ve seen them.❤️

The funny thing is, a few of us almost didn’t go on Friday night - and each of us were struggling with similar feelings of nervousness or insecurity & inadequacy. But man, what if we had given in to those feelings? We never would’ve met and selfishly, I wouldn’t have been blessed by their words & actions!

So I guess the moral of the story is:
✨ You have NO idea the impact you have on others.
✨ Small acts and small words can create huge ripples of positivity.
✨ Don’t bite your tongue or hide away because someone out there needs you.

How have you been blessed by acts of kindness or service? What has pulled you out of the inevitable funks of life?

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