30 Before 30

January 02, 2017

About a month ago, I celebrated my 29th birthday. 

I can now hear the collective gasps at this revelation and you utter "No way! She doesn't look a day over 25!!" (Please play along, as my self esteem desperately hangs on this.) 

The whole weekend of celebration was incredibly fun, but honestly I was kiiiind of freaking out about it. I have a hard time getting older every year, creeping ever closer to the terrifying number - 30.  

(There are a few reasons I hate getting older and why 30 freaks me out especially, but that's not the point of this post.)

Freaking out about how CLOSE I am to 30 now reminded me to reflect on some goals I wanted to accomplish by the time that milestone hits. Go to college, get married, have at least one child, be in my dream career, etc.

So far, not batting 1.000 (my husband told me that's the right way to write it, because sports).

Instead of dwelling on how little time I have left in my 20s or be sad that I'm not exactly where I thought I would be, I thought it would be fun to expand this list to 30 things I'd like to accomplish by the time I turn 30. Some are from the original list (get married, etc), some are things I think are important life skills (stick shift, anyone?), some are just frivolous, and others are about developing a healthier mindset and kindness to myself. 

Check out the list below and tell me what you think!

1. End negative body talk
This might be the most important item on this list. Sadly, so much of my self esteem (or rather, self hatred) stems from how I view my body. How ugly or fat or unacceptable I think it is. Talking about how disgusting or retched I am has never made me feel happier. I may never be able to stop the thoughts that enter my mind, but I can at least stop saying them out loud.

2. Visit every temple in Utah
Because when you live here, why not take advantage of attending as many as you can???

3. Master essential "grown-up" recipes
As someone who didn't really cook before I got married, cooking has been such a fun adventure. Right now, the recipes on the list to master include: bread, pot roast, chili, pesto, tomato sauce, ice cream.

4. Get to know my past
As the primary family historian of my family, there hasn't been much work done. I have some ancestors that I'm SURE must be super spies because I haven't found ANY record of them in 10+ years of research. I want to find at least 4 generations, back to my great-grandparents.

5. Splurge on a "grown-up" item that I probably can't afford, but will last for years
I hate hate hate hate spending money. It has seriously triggered anxiety attacks for me in the past. I NEVER buy anything for myself beyond the bare essentials. I will wear my shoes until the holes are large enough for my feet to touch the ground. It's time for me to be ok spending a little money on something nice for myself and buying something high quality that will last a lot longer than my usual purchases. I need to learn I can purchase nice things as occasion permits and that I will not end up homeless.

6. Fail
I've spent most of my life trying to avoid this very thing. Sometimes it's been good (grades, college acceptance, etc.). But often, it's paralyzed me. I've passed up opportunities for fear of failure and that's hindered potential progress.

7. Visit a National Park

8. Visit a different country

9. Go on a coin-flip road trip
At every junction, flip a coin to know which route to take. My need for spontaneity will finally be satisfied (it's usually squashed by my compulsive need to plan every thing out to the most minute detail).

10. Watch a meteor shower

11. Learn to drive stick shift
Gotta get ready for my Amazing Race audition.

12. Hold a sloth
Seriously, all I want in life.

13. Follow my intuition, jump into ideas completely (basically, ignore that second guessing!)
Another super important one to help fight off the indecision, fear of failure, and self hatred. I've missed out on so many opportunities and ideas because a voice in my head tells me 23497234 reasons why it is stupid or won't work.

14. Volunteer
And no, church doesn't count.

15. Fire a gun
I'm terrified of them.

16. Get married
Spoiler alert: did it. :)

17. Move away after college
Since I ran back to Oregon and hid for a few years, getting out of the prison I created for myself was ESSENTIAL to progressing.

18. Go camping
In a tent, on the ground. None of this cabin business.

19. Do something that terrifies me
Not sure how this one will turn out. Skydive? Hold a snake or spider? Stand up for myself to someone who intimidates me? I'll just be open to the possibility this year and not run away and hide.

20. Eat a once in a lifetime meal at a fancy restaurant

21. Climb a mountain

22. Take a cross country road trip
Spoiler alert: also done. Twice! (Once all alone!)

23. Go skiing or snowboarding

24. Take a class totally out of my element or comfort zone

25. Unplug from social media/TV/video games, etc for a week
Zach is doing this with me and honestly, WE ARE STOKED.

26. Learn to contour/actually do makeup
Because I shouldn't have to frantically call friends to help when I want to look nice. Also, it will be hilarious to try and then see my clown results.

27. End food shame
Another SUPER important one for me, especially related to loving my body. Everytime I see food, I label it as "good" or "bad." If I eat a "bad" food, I ALWAYS feel guilty and full of shame. Before I'm 30, I want to have a healthier relationship with food, eat more mindfully, and enjoy my life.

28. Visit a water park

29. Fly in a hot-air balloon

30. Sing in front of others
I guess this technically could be "something that terrifies me," but it was important enough to me to list on it's own.

What do you think? Do you have any goals of your own? Have you accomplished any of these things and have tips for me? Let me know what you think! :)

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  1. Love this list! Keep us updated as you check things off! Now I want to go make my own list...