Lumi by Pampers Review

January 23, 2020

Thank you to Lumi by Pampers for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

You all know how anxious I’ve been to become a mom. I didn’t grow up expecting to be a mom and wasn’t really around babies much. Before Ollie was born, I think I’d changed one diaper ever in my life! So I was freaking out about labor and delivery...but also that they were going to let me take this little human home with me, no questions asked - didn’t I need to pass some kind of test first??

And if you know me even a little bit, you know my brain runs on data. I have a degree in Neuroscience, I’ve spent years working in labs, and now I use data everyday to make decisions in my job.

So the first couple of months of Ollie’s life were rough. I had no idea what I was doing, anxious I was doing something wrong, and desperately looking for ways to gather data to better understand her routines and needs.

Enter Lumi - Pampers developed this all-in-one baby monitoring system specifically to support parents in understanding their baby’s needs and establish routines, making day to day life a little easier. We started using Lumi at the beginning of the year and it has been alleviating so many pain points from Ollie’s first few months of life.

What’s In The Box?

So what in the heck is all-in-one baby monitoring system? Think the ultimate baby monitor… and more! Lumi arrived at our house in this beautiful box, complete with an HD video camera, sleep tracker, and two packs of diapers. Set up was super easy - it took all of 5 minutes to have the camera up and running and the sleep tracker sending data via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to my phone!

Everything I Need At A Glance

The biggest difference Lumi has made in our life - being able to see how Ollie is doing in a glance, all on one app. Previously we were using like 3 different apps to try to track everything...and only if we remembered to log it! Lumi automatically tracks diaper changes and sleep - so when I fall asleep at night and forget to note when Ollie fell asleep, Lumi has it all down for me. I have especially loved that the sleep tracker uses Bluetooth so I can get all of that data live when I take Ollie to my office, running errands, etc. It’s a baby monitor no matter where I am!


The HD camera is heads and shoulders above our previous video monitor. With our old video monitor, the video feed would freeze or buffer and the image wasn’t crisp...and I could only access it if the app was open. The Lumi video feed is high quality, doesn’t freeze or buffer...AND I can keep the sound running on my phone even if I switch apps or the phone goes to sleep!


We are still working on establishing a firm day routine - Ollie is only 3 months old and still hates naps, but the Lumi app is helping me start to see patterns in her activity so I can better anticipate when to feed and when to nap. It also does a great job of aggregating her daily diaper, feeding and sleep data at a glance, so when we go to the pediatrician’s office and have to answer their questions, I don’t need to rely on memory or check the 3 apps I used to use.


Bonus - Developmental Info With The Wonder Weeks!

The Lumi app is also helping me prepare for her developmental milestones - I've loved using the Insights section to see how Ollie's brain is changing with perception and motor skills (neuroscience nerd, remember?). Most recently, the 12 week info gave me a heads up about how Ollie's behavior would likely change and why...before it changed! Preparation & data are my love languages.

I’m only 3 months into this crazy parenthood adventure and some parts of it have been so tough, but using the Lumi system has truly given me some mental space and peace of mind back. I love that I’m able to use real life data to better understand what’s going on with Ollie, help her establish a routine that’s beneficial for her development, and also reduce my new mom anxiety so I can truly enjoy this special phase of my life.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Lumi system of your own, you can 15% off using the code ELYSE15 upon checkout!

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